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Friday, 12 July 2013

11 before 11

1: I would go to Londen Paris UK Ozzy because there amazing places to go.
2: I would met 1D Taylor Swift because I love 1D and taylor thats why
3: I would like to live in paris because its a beautiful place to be.
4: I would like to eat food form over seas because it looks very yummy.
5: I would like to go to every place in the world because you can learn lots and lots form other places.
6: I would like to build my own little play house you could have a litte movie room and a bed like a heart.
7: I would like to met Miley Cyrus and her dad because there really awesome and good singers too.
8: I would like to take Sally-Ann and Hayley to place like Londen Paris for a good time away form home.
9: I would like to take my mum and dad to UK to see my sister.
10: I would like to go to and 1D movie live because i love 1D and going there would show i was a big fan.
11: I would like to be on tv because it would be awesome to see your self on tv.

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