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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Writing sample

The Year 8's were going on camp
They were walking to the camp site sally Ann said "what was that?" "what do you mean that noice what?"lets keep Walking OK fine Rosalie said stop and listen everyone stop what was that? How do I know um you said stop and listen so we did everyone was thinking something was worry OK never mind teacher said what is happening back there we told her we keeped hearing sounds OK come on OK were here sweet OK were are all the things What do you mean?AHHHH whats that? AHHHH help me help me OMG I'm trapped two people look for help OK   GOx8 miss miss where are you oh no look what happened these people locked me in here and they took all of the food What can we do to help? The map where is it in the food box Where is the food box?I said they took it Oh yeah well i go look for help instead We will come no two people stay with me I will said josh and Rosalie thank you GOx8 yes five hours later we got someone OH thank God OK so get me out oh thank you so much the man said oh no worries its time to go back to school so camps over GOOD I hated camp SO MUCH me to said everyone we never coming back to London again its not a fun place to go after that performes. ya  we all know that lets go on the bus. 

Thank you for reading my story